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Succeed with technology

In many ways, technology has become a key driver of organizational success. Given the critical role technology plays today, leading organizations understand the need to provide solutions that scale and work well within their ecosystem. They must deliver powerful, effective tools and information to the people they serve, and ensure it’s all intuitive and easy to use. Addressing these key needs is a proven organizational strategy to get the most out of current technology now and advanced innovation in the future.

Move past technology obstacles

Organizations face many challenges in identifying, implementing and maintaining their technology systems for optimal operation and efficiency. Keeping up with technological advances with minimal disruption, providing your people with the tools they need the way they need them, and ensuring your systems integrate well with each other are just a few of the tasks you face to succeed with technology. Morneau Shepell solutions help you gain the power and efficiency of advanced technology that is deployed and utilized based on your organization’s needs, streamlining and automating processes and delivering simply superb user experiences.

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Real-time dashboard and reporting analytics to support your leave of absence needs. Real-time notification to multiple stakeholders

Administrating multiple absence and leave requirements is complex and time consuming. Simplifying that process is only half the picture. Our solution provides not only a simple way to manage multiple time banks with real time notification to all stakeholders, but a state of the art platform that integrates your employee absence data in a single centralized hub. For program managers our robust data is consolidated in a fully customizable dashboard offering a level of self-serve data analysis that is unparalleled in the industry so you can quickly see the overall impact on your organization.

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A single, scalable Benefits Administration platform that grows with you

Multiple, disparate benefits administration systems lead to organizational inefficiencies, duplicate work, inaccuracy and expensive administration. Our Benefits Administration solutions provide the great advantages of a single, technologically advanced platform with integrated workflows that eliminate paper-based processes while consolidating data. Implemented based on the delivery model preferred by your organization, our agile implementation uses proven process with expert resources that mitigate risks. Our platform is modular and scalable to ensure your technology grows along with you, and best of all, it integrates with the existing systems and services your organization already has on-board.

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Streamline and simplify Pension Administration

The complexity of pension administration can be magnified and made prohibitively costly to organizations that lack the right technology platform. Our enterprise Pension Administration technology provides the comprehensive, continuously innovative single system for all solution, specifically designed to support complex organizations. Highly configurable without costly customizations, it seamlessly integrates with your existing technology and infrastructure while providing the security and compliance that is absolutely essential. Integral to our advanced platform is the intuitive design and navigation so participants can easily interact with the system. Online, self-service on any device is built in, with functionality covering all aspects of pension administration.

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Seamless, clinically-sound Employee Assistance Program technology

If the employee assistance tools you provide to your workforce are difficult to access, prove confusing to use or don’t feel relevant to their needs, they will not receive the benefit of using them. The Morneau Shepell Employee Assistance Program (EAP) technology and resources are delivered via multiple channels, including digital, so employees can choose what works best for them. And, you can rest easy knowing the digital care we provide is clinically sound and effective. The EAP solutions we deliver are powered by ongoing technological innovation to create value for organizations and employees. They also integrate easily with your organization’s existing systems and resources, so employees experience technology that is seamless and simple.

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Innovative Wellness technology to effectively identify risks and provide support

You are at a significant disadvantage in your environment if your organization lacks the technology and metrics to give you comprehensive, actionable health insights. Morneau Shepell can help you gain the birds-eye view of the risks you face with a comprehensive assessment of physical, mental, work and life dimensions. Combined with engagement and productivity metrics, our wellness platform not only gives you the powerful insights you need to prioritize needs, but also delivers the technology, tools and coaching support to address those risks. Delivered through telephonic and digital channels, your people will have the resources they need to achieve better wellness in the manner most relevant for them.

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Anytime, anywhere Student Support Program

International and study abroad students face an array of physical, mental, and cultural challenges as they undertake their academics outside of their home country and culture. Help them overcome these challenges with support and counseling that integrates and compliments your existing campus programs.  Available 24/7 by telephone, video, online chat, text messaging and our award-winning app, our Student Support Program appeals to today’s mobile, always-connected students who want access anytime, anywhere and in a way that is most comfortable to them. Our program also delivers support in the language and cultural context the student requires for the most effective support and the best outcomes.

Succeed with technology at your organization